Baby News: Lashontae Heckard and Brandon Jennings Expecting Their First Child Together!

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I wanted to make a film where you really care about the characters and the story. The films producers decided Robinson would be well-suited for the project because of his ability to capture the music-driven aspects of the film, as provided by his experience in the field. They also cited his talent in storytelling. According to producer Austin, “a lot of music video directors can’t capture the story, so what we’d do was turn on the directors’ tapes, turn down the music and just watch to see if we could find the story.

Chris was far and away the best. But I wanted to start off doing something that had heart.

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Blake Edwards Celebrity relationships are dramatic enough without getting a kid involved, but when you add celebrity offspring into the mix, it sometimes gets even worse. If you think having a kid will save a romance, think again. These stars split up while expecting. TMZ reported the producer filed for divorce on Feb. Violet was born Feb.

However, the public apparently didn’t know about the split until that July. The breakup was ugly: Before the split was even announced, he dished in interviews that he didn’t help out much raising the little girl. TMZ reported that Milian accused The-Dream of cheating on her and claimed the only reason she signed their initial divorce forms was because he presented them to her when she was nine months pregnant and in no condition to put her John Hancock on paperwork.

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Brandon Jennings is not wasting any time on finding his next chick. He recently announced he was single via Twitter only a month after announcing his ex-girlfriend, Lashontae Heckard, was pregnant. is apparently the year of ‘shooting your shot’ and Brandon went straight to Bria Murphy’s.

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He has a half brother named Terrance Phillips. His father died when he was young. In his last year of high school, Jennings averaged He led his — team to a 41—1 record and the top ranking in the USA Today Super 25 list of high school teams. On April 24, , he decided instead to join the Arizona Wildcats , citing Arizona’s quality academic faculty and his desire to play with Jerryd Bayless.

It was all good just last month when Brandon Jennings and LaShontae Heckard were spotted out and about together. But it looks like their whirlwind romance may have come to an end. The former couple began dating four months ago after Brandon made Tae his Woman Crush Wednesday. Both seemed to .

Share This Tweet This When it comes down to addressing the disrespect towards her from her peers, year-old singer and actress Teyana Taylor has never been one to keep quiet. Since the all out twitter war with Rihanna, Taylor has moved on to new “beef. Taylor also addressed issues she had with Jennings’ current girlfriend: When asked about Jennings’ downplay of his and Taylor’s past relationship on Twitter, Taylor responded, “No real man should ever downplay [past relationships.

If she [Lashontae Heckard] loved you for who you are and liked you for who you are, then she’s gonna like you regardless. I felt betrayed because of everything that we’ve been through on and off for six years. Taylor revealed that she and Heckard were once very close friends, but the friendship quickly fizzled once Heckard began dating Jennings behind Taylor’s back.

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She is about to become the ultimate baller wag. Lashontae was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the U. She attended Stephen F. Austin State University located in Nacogdoches, Texas. It was during this time she landed her first gig in the modeling industry with Juice magazine using it as a stepping stone. She became a spokes model for Juice, but also became a model for a website well known in her area, Dallas Peeps.

After serving 4 years of active duty in The Army Reserves, she began to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. She is also known for being the ex-girlfriend of of rapper Nellly! It is believed the pair had been together since at least January


They are creating a life, usually with a significant other. Some people end up hooking up for a one night stand and leaving with a surprise pregnancy. Some people realized that they value different things and choose not to have the baby. There is no such thing as an ideal couple or family unit.

Brandon Jennings talks relationship with Tae Heckard This year has certainly been the year of celebrity break-ups. Joining the long.

It has clearly been a tough year for rappers when it comes to love. Furthermore, the hectic careers that these artists have means very little time to dedicate to love. As these stars move on to look for new love and indeed, some of the rappers on this list already have moved on , or simply just a hottie on their arm for the time being, we wish them the best of luck, and for sure will continue to be interested in their chaotic love lives. Were you surprised by any of these breakups?

Let us know in the comments. Things moved pretty fast between the two, when in October of the same year they announced their engagement.

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Amber Rose We first spotted this bald blonde bombshell at the Grammy red carpet in as the fashion muse and arm candy to A-list rapper Kanye West. After that she was sought after by high fashion designers, brands, and magazine editors. Amber slayed our souls with her fashion and style choices on red carpets, and signed a model contract with Ford. Then after a public media break-up with Kanye, she gets dropped from Ford models and then starts dating, and shortly after weds, C-list weed rapper Wiz Khalifa, whom she just recently filed divorce from.

Her new show “Selfie” got canceled before airing the first full season on ABC, and she has yet to really capitalize on a legitimate acting, modeling opportunity, or business venture like her nemesis Kim Kardashian.

Just a couple of weeks after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Ashanti, Nelly has moved on with Tae Heckard. The year-old rapper and the year-old singer had been dating for almost a decade, but never really confirmed the relationship despite constantly being photographed together.

Pooja Ganatra, who was born in Mumbai, has ginger hair, freckles and white skin. Despite her complexion – she was actually born to ‘typically Indian’ parents. She was even rushed to hospital as a child, over fears she had a skin disease. Miss Ganatra’s appearance has made her Although Kimora was teased by her peers because of her 5′ 10 height, this would only be the vessel to her modeling career.

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Teyana Taylor Talks Friend Tae Heckard Hooking Up With Ex-Fiance Brandon Jennings, Losing Her Virg..