Kelly Dodd Blames Vicki Gunvalson for Ex-Husband’s New Relationship: ‘I’m Done with You’

Lauren Arendse Instagram shawnmendes Shawn has never confirmed he dated hometown friend Lauren Arendse, but fans widely acknowledge her as his girlfriend of two years that he often references. SM and LA went to prom together back in and the singer posted this adorable picture along with the caption, “Me and my beautiful prom date! Last summer he posted a song titled “Cameron Dallas” featuring another one of our favorite Vine hotties, Jack Gilinsky. The song is basically an ode to Cameron’s smile and “voluptuous” locks where he flat out says, “Cameron Dallas is my boyfriend. Formally known has “Princess Lauren,” this social-media sensation allegedly had a fling with Cameron, which is why it would be the ultimate breaking of the bro code if she did get together with the “Youth” crooner like some fans think. Sure, Shawn and Bethany Mota once ran in the same circles and most likely cross paths occasionally, but as far as romance goes, we don’t think there’s anything to these rumors. Despite all this, the Mendes Army would LOVE to see theses two together and there are countless fanfictions to prove it! The Canadian crooner was even one of the chosen few at T. Swift’s December ’15 birthday party still experiencing major fomo and has stayed in touch with her ever since. We know that Tay has a dating list that seems to grow on the reg , but we doubt she and Shawn were ever an item.

Is Vicki Gunvalson Still Going on Double Dates with Kelly Dodd’s Ex Michael Dodd?

Friends play an important part in our overall happiness, yet it is often trickier than just simply spending time together. To be a good friend, you firstly need to discover what makes a bad friend. Here, we cover what you need to know to avoid being a bad friend and how to be a good friend to a girl or guy you like. Project Your Negative Qualities Onto Your Friends That means you think that if you think in a certain way, then people around and your friends also do too.

For instance, if you are prone to talking about people behind their back, then you also assume that your friends also do the same. Finally, you start to blame other people and talk about how they did something though they never did.

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Divorce doesn’t just affect the couple splitting up; it also impacts everyone around them. The pair got into one of their worst arguments ever when Kelly found out that not only did Vicki know that her ex-husband Michael Dodd had started dating again but she also had gone on double dates with him, neither of which she told Kelly about. Kelly accused Vicki of going against girl code, while the OG of the RHOC didn’t think she did anything wrong since she and her boyfriend Steve Lodge had been good friends with Michael before, during, and after the divorce.

Vicki continued to stand her ground in the great girl code debate when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Monday night. Press play on the above video to find out why Vicki thinks she didn’t break girl code with Kelly, with whom she actually was in danger of breaking girl code, and why she thinks Michael’s love life is now “none of Kelly’s business. And in case you’re wondering we know you are , yes, Vicki continued to go on double dates with Michael after that intense moment with Kelly.

The answer’s yes — with another woman,” she said on WWHL. We’re friends with Michael. It wasn’t even about that; it was about that she didn’t tell me, and when she didn’t tell me, and I heard it from somebody else, it made matters worse,” she shared. And it made me really sad that she was trying to nonchalantly just brush it off: It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t need to tell me; Michael should have.

It felt like somebody got a knife and just stabbed me in the back.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

He enjoys philosophy, archery, target shooting, learning new languages, globe-trotting and the company of non-hypocritical, feminine women. There are certain signs that must be kept in mind to identify such women. Essentially, they prostitute themselves to their husbands, boyfriends or lovers for a period of time, as long as these men can afford them.

I know I was friends with that first ex for months until she got a bf and it was like a dagger to the heart (then didn’t talk for about 4 years). But if you two are to be friends, it won’t be right away, it takes time, you can’t force it, and you have to recognize and be sensitive to both your feelings and theirs.

I want to talk about a worse case scenario situation and what you should do if you are faced with it. Imagine for a moment that you want your ex boyfriend back which I know for a fact you do. However, you have made some mistakes along the way and your ex boyfriend has decided to block you from all forms of communication texting, calling, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

For many visitors to this website being blocked by an ex is the absolute worst thing that can happen. In fact, upon research it seems that no one online knows what to do when faced with this situation. I intend to remedy that problem with this guide. Think about it for a moment. Every time a woman comes to this site and decides to implement the no contact rule she is technically obssessed with her ex boyfriend. He is on her mind the second she wakes up for the day, the second she gets in her car to go to work and the second she closes her eyes to go to sleep.

25 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

When I was in high school, my best friend went behind my back and started dating my ex-boyfriend when I went on vacation. I was devastated, especially because she knew I still had feelings for him. At first, we got in a huge fight and I thought we would never be friends again.

You can’t get your ex boyfriend back by pointing fingers at him. You have to be humble throughout the whole discussion as this is the best approach to tackle this situation, and it will make your ex comfortable with you which will mend broken hearts.

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A high proportion of Muslim girls, families, and communities take religious and cultural practices and rules seriously. These practices include an outright ban on romantic and sexual contact with non-Muslim men. That makes them a difficult, but not impossible challenge for an outsider. The journey to success with a Muslim girl is often challenging but can be a rewarding one.

Why do Guys Cheat on Their Girlfriends? 5 Real Reasons

Does He Like Me? The only contact has really been him indirectly talking to me. There are other things along those lines as well.

In a society that tells us to hate our partners’ exes, this friendship is an oddity. After the first few months of dating, we become entirely enamored with our significant other.

Tweet Language is a big factor to consider if you want to become a successful seducer. Verbal communication is the basis of every social relationship … Learn the words to say to win! In love and in the process of seduction, we may have already heard, banal, hackneyed speeches. In this section of our guide we list the phrases and words to say and recommend those that should not be said!

Phrases to say when you want to seduce and court a woman or girl A good seducer is the one who first and foremost is a great communicator! You can communicate in various ways, through gestures, body language, but the basic method remains the verbal. Because if you do then it is difficult to correct certain errors, better know first what not to say … In general it is not advisable to face conversations that can lead to a clash of ideas and opinions equity for example, avoid talking about politics, unless the woman to seduce is not a fanatic of your own party!

It must be the woman to fail to live without you, NOT the other way! Never ask a woman if you want her to come with you, you are not negotiating something! I lost my head for you … Clearly there is a much wider repertoire of special phrases to say to impress a woman, but we cannot recommend everything, sure to impress these secrets are and must remain such until … you will have be able to discover them yourself!


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Social media makes breakups way harder than they need to be, so you might want extra guidance during the aftermath. To help you deal with social media after a breakup (especially your ex on social media), we put together this guide by reaching out to therapists, dating/relationship experts .

After the first few months of dating, we become entirely enamored with our significant other. We can comfortably begin to shed the masks that we wore just to make a good impression. Soon enough, however, past relationships inevitably cast a shadow of curiosity. We are just wired as human beings to wonder about our predecessor, to compare, and even compete.

Whether it be the one who got away, the deranged ex, the mother of his children, we wonder. A singer mentioned this very thing at a gig I attended recently. I sized her up and down. Possibly for being his first time, or his best time, or worst time, for introducing him to the best curry joint in town and taking him to a sweet music show. Last year around this time, my boyfriend said his ex-girlfriend, J. I thought that sounded innocent enough.

But then that little voice of insecurity nagged at me.

Can a Friend Date Your Ex?