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Science journals permit open-access publishing for Gates Foundation scholars The provisional agreement may set a precedent for other funders and journal publishers. The Unspoken Rules of Sex on College Campuses Research suggests that college students are not having more sex than their parents were a generation ago. But sociologist Lisa Wade says the culture around sex has changed dramatically. David Byrne Says Think Again The musician and multimedia artist has created an immersive experience designed to make people aware of their implicit biases. It’s called “The Institute Presents: That may partly explain why there are higher levels of pedestrian deaths among racial minority communities.

Understanding Perryville.

Savage made several corrections while trying to rectify the story of his regiment at the battle at Perryville. In volume ten of Confederate Military History, Savage pointed out that several statements were wrong. First, Savage tried to clarify that it was erroneously reported that he was temporarily in command of the brigade.

As the discipline spread to universities and research institutes in North America and, with remarkable rapidity, to Europe, Asia, the Antipodes, and ultimately all corners of the globe, Professor Labov has remained at or near the forefront of its various movements, including historical sociolinguistics, narrative analysis, sociometrics, subjective evaluation testing, educational and forensic applications, and sociophonetics, as well as mainstream variation studies. His breadth and depth as a scholar have influenced countless linguists and policy makers, and his enthusiasm and boundless optimism have inspired numerous colleagues, collaborators, and students.

Several of them relate their personal experiences with the man and his ideas here. Keywords language variation and change , sociolinguistics , fieldwork , teaching , biography 1. Before him, there were sporadic attempts at studying language in its social context, the core component of what would become known, following Labov, as language variation and change or more generally sociolinguistics. Some of those early attempts were carefully conceived and well articulated, notably those by the Swiss philologist Louis Gauchat — and the Japanese dialectologist Takesi Sibata — , but for all their noble intentions their studies remained largely local matters, admired by a few scholars but limited in their influence and evanescent in their currency.

By contrast, Labov’s sociolinguistic studies on Martha’s Vineyard Labov and in New York City Labov a attracted the attention of scholars around the world. At the same time, Labov produced clear arguments comparing his methods to the structuralist orthodoxy of the day and justifying his departures from it, thus providing the foundations of the new discipline along with exemplary realizations of them. Labov’s impetus toward a socially realistic linguistics undoubtedly rose out of his natural inquisitiveness about people, an attribute that many of his students and colleagues comment on in their remarks below.

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With the advent of sophisticated computational tools for analyzing large corpora of literary texts, scholars have proposed a variety of terms to describe what they do when they use these tools. Text data mining Hearst , distant reading Moretti , algorithmic criticism Ramsay , assisted reading Schmidt , hyper reading Hayes , faceted search Whaling , scalable reading Mueller: Katherine Hayes summarizes the affordances of computational tools as methods of scanning, which quickly seek specific words within texts, and methods of skimming, which attempt to get a rapid sense of what texts are about

Nobody said that programs like KStars, XEphem etc. They are however quite useful for gaining a little knowledge of what you will see, when you eventually aim your telescope at the sky. Your analogies are exaggerating somewhat, since whether you see pieces of the sky through your own telescope or pictures taken using somebody else’s, they’re only distant images If anything, I find the analogies less compelling. The “magic” of having photons hit your eyes after starting their journeys years, centuries, or even longer, ago can’t be captured by seeing a photo.

Neither is their any skill in just viewing a photo. Catching a glimpse of a faint object using averted vision, finding a comet not visible to the naked eye, or watching the changes on the face of Jupiter as the nights go by is something that will never be equaled by viewing a photo. KStars and similar packages are good tools to help orient yourself or plan ahead before you go out and look or guess at optimum viewing time for your location.

It’s especially useful if the sky is partly cloudy or visibility is obscured by light pollution [darksky. Dark skies are a prerequisite to any optics based astronomy. Why are we using so much money to shine light up into the sky? If half the light is going up instead of down, then we’re losing half your lighting money for nothing and lowering the standard of living. Yes, and you can download pictures of beautiful naked women off of the internet and spank your monkey in the privacy of your home without ever having to pay money to escort services, worry about meeting up with a transsexual or dealing with humiliating, bone crushing rejection.

OK, sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

What MA, MPA, or MIA program is for you?

Explore our Social Media Marketing Toolkit Our compilation of the latest social media statistics of consumer adoption and usage Social networks are now so well established, that there is a core ‘top 5’ social networks that don’t change much from year-to-year. But, as we’ll see in this post, the most popular social media sites vary a lot by level of usage in different countries and demographics.

Understanding these differences in popularity of different social networks is really important when targeting specific audiences. When comparing the most popular social networks it’s best to review them by active account usage, not just the number of user accounts. We’ll also see in this summary that some social networks are growing more rapidly than others while some are now in decline.

These are usually money-making programs for the school and core faculty are seldom involved. In response to questions for foreign readers: In some countries, such as the UK and some European countries, MA programs seem to be taken more seriously on the job market, or are a prerequisite for entry into a PhD. Rather it varies by school. Instead I focus on the quality of the training. I think these are extremely important skills. As far as I can tell, the elite policy schools have higher rates of entry into the major international institutions and NGOs.

Even so, I imagine job prospects are good among many programs, and that after a few years it does not matter much. But I also think that careers are path dependent, and that a better first job could lead you on a different, higher, faster-paced trajectory. In the end, this means that eliteness is more valuable for ambitious people who have some work experience, are newly entering the non-profit or public sectors, or are looking for a change in career or country.

If you have a long CV in these sectors, plan to hold onto an established job, or want a life rather than a career in the fast lane, then the eliteness of the institution matters much less. This funding question is important, because with a few exceptions, I would probably recommend going where you get the most funding, since the quality difference across these elite schools is not all that great. The field of schools is much more competitive in development these days, and all the elite schools I mentioned now have programs that give you very good quantitative training.

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Further highlights from the conference include: During this session, SYSGO will present secure update concepts addressing fundamental safety requirements such as non-interference with respect to non-updated parts. Beyond academic excellence, the conference also facilitates the transformation of cutting-edge research results into market-ready innovations.

If you use an ID ID-innovations: I basically copied it from this source: Now you can test whether the reader works by first writing an Arduino sketch that has only this function plus something that uses the output value to toggle an LED, as in the code you find here. When you put the tag on the animal’s collar, try to make it so that the plane of the tag is most likely to be in parallel to the plane of the antenna. In my case the activation tag on the cat’s collar is not always hanging nicely down, but sometimes hangs on the side of his head.

Guides for the construction of antennas are available for download on the web e. They help quite a bit, but I still ended up just trying a bunch of things to see what worked best. An antenna coil is as simple as this: I used 24 Ga magnet wire and a 1. The following worked well range is in distance from the plane of the coil:

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That old thread is starting to get buried, so I’ll post my comment re Sallie’s article again with poing 2 being the one I mentioned in previous post. Replicative homeostasis also suggests a primarily non-immunological mechanism that mediates increased immune responsiveness during treatment with ribavirin and other nucleos t ide analogues , explicating the enhanced second-phase clearance of HCV ribavirin promotes and, thus, the apparent immunomodulatory action of ribavirin.

More importantly, RH suggests specific new antiviral therapeutic strategies And while I don’t pretend to fully understand the article, it appears that the author is suggesting that the immune systrem is not the primary driver, but a mechanism called replicative homeostatis RH. This raises a few questions:

Women naturally experience an emotional and mental shift throughout the course of the month. And a report from the University of New Mexico demonstrates that the cyclic signs have economic consequences. Birth control could lead to many thousands of dollars lost every year. Booth b-school at UChicago provides hard evidence both that testosterone levels directly govern relationships to risk and that that governance comes as a function of thresholds. If most women come under a threshold that most men exceed then obviously the risk-seeking behavior of the two groups will fall into statistically-significant differential groups.

This decision is not unique to women, but the statistics suggest that women decide against the risks more than twice as often as do men. Knowing that a given bandwagon carries certain hormonal implications, we should provide for these shifts. What bothers me about the way these studies are presented and advertised is the underlying familiar assumption that women are helpless to resist.

Yes, the nature of hormones blinds us to their effects on our bodies. But women in this year are sophisticated actors with all of this knowledge under our belts. It makes sense that with rising Pill use, prevalent, temporary birth control that stops at marriage and influences attraction would lead to widespread divorce. This is mostly interesting from an academic perspective. Pay attention to the factors.

Be sophisticated about decisions.

The Amphetamine Debate

I have no reservations talking to the sororities because I figure they have more reason to be receptive to the message. I am, however, quite nervous to present to the fraternities. Standing alone in front of a room of fraternity guys is scary in and of itself.

Comment Perhaps more than this article in the Hyde Park Herald click it while you can; when the next issue comes out, it will be gone from the web forever! Now, why would a crappy, overpriced grocery store with a virtual monopoly over a relatively wealthy neighborhood, which itself is at the center of a giant food desert, be losing money?

This strikes us as pretty stupid. Anyway, the Co-op is over a million dollars behind in rent to the University of Chicago, and the Herald article runs down its options: These actions would permit the Co-op to close without the costly process of bankruptcy proceedings and allow a new grocer to begin operations within two weeks of closure. All current Co-op employees would have an opportunity to interview for jobs in the new store as part of the arrangement with a new grocer.

Perhaps more than this article in the Hyde Park Herald click it while you can; when the next issue comes out, it will be gone from the web forever! Nov 7, Hyde Park Co-op To: University of Chicago Community To: The University Community From: The board has spent many months considering various options. One of the options under discussion is an agreement among the Co-op, its creditors and landlords that would result in the Co-op closing, payments to its creditors, and a new grocer opening a store in the same location.

The board also is looking at the possibility of obtaining a loan and the potential for bankruptcy if neither of the first two options proves feasible.

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