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Alle productspecificaties Samenvatting Brandi Glanville may be the newest bad girl in Beverly Hills, but it’s impossible not to love her for always speaking her mind. In this brash, candid, and vulnerable memoir, she spills all of her secrets, dishing on her infamous divorce, motherhood, the plastic surgery that made her “seventeen” again, and much, much more.

She’s the brutally honest breath of fresh air on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, known for her dramatic divorce, her barely-there clothing, and her inability to keep her mouth shut. So why should she change now?

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Brandi Glanville describes her ‘best revenge’ against ‘flat-chested’ LeAnn Rimes in new book

Jan 31, 2: Three of the biggest divas from the various versions of the reality series are pushing new books that month — and the saucy train-wreck TV show translates perfectly to the printed page. Advertisement If you like that sort of thing. Social Media is Ruining Romance.

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Download eBook Taylor Armstrong, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo, pulls back the curtain on the years she suffered in silence through domestic violence in this searingly honest account of her troubled marriage to the late Russell Armstrong. The terrible truth is that I felt lost without the control that Russell had imposed on me for the nearly six years that we were married. Disturbingly, I missed that control.

In some ways, I missed the abuse. I missed the pain. I missed being scared. Not because I liked feeling any of that. But because it was the life I had become accustomed to, and without anyone to be afraid of, to apologize to, and to cover for, I felt completely lost. Reality hit Taylor Armstrong hard one tragic evening last August when she found the body of her estranged husband, Russell, hanging in his California home.

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May 27, Kacey rated it it was ok It was slightly more tolerable than Drinking and Tweeting. Was it because this book was more a laundry list of men Glanville has had sexual relations with and less a neverending screed against her ex-husband and his new wife? I also appreciated that she did not mention the fact that her father was a pot-dealer once! So that was good. However, Brandi remains Brandi and her weird writing quirks still abound.

The way that she adds strings of hashtags to the end of her sentences KeepitReal It was slightly more tolerable than Drinking and Tweeting. The way that she adds strings of hashtags to the end of her sentences KeepitReal Blessed JustSaying WatchWhatHappens Hashtag , the way that she calls her vagina her “kitty cat”, the way she spends too much time listing what restaurants she ate at and what dresses she wore as if she was getting a promotional deal out of it– all of this stuff really grates after a while.

Plus, there is only so many times you can read the same story over again.

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Brandi Glanville is surprising, vulnerable, and outspoken, and her take on dating after heartbreak—and life in general—is as unique as she is. Just like Brandi herself, Drinking and Dating is sexy, funny, and eyebrow-raising—not that she can raise hers.

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Feb 06, JSquared Photography Brandi Glanville is feeling just a little bit bad about the shots she takes at country singer LeAnn Rimes in her new book, “Drinking and Tweeting,” though anyone who’s followed their flaming feud might find that hard to swallow. Advertisement “Then it’s like, f— it, let’s put it in the book.

Brandi Lynn Glanville (born November 16, [better source needed]) is an American television personality, author and former , she became a cast member on the reality television series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; she was a friend of the housewives in the second season, and was a starring housewife from the third through fifth seasons.

So why should she change now? Brandi Glanville tells all in this hilarious, no-holds-barred memoir. For the first time, Brandi talks about how she escaped a rough neighborhood on the outskirts of Sacramento and stumbled into a successful modeling career that swept her into a world of Paris Fashion Weeks, private jets, and uncircumcised penises. Before she knew it, Brandi was the perfect Hollywood trophy wife—at least until her marriage exploded.

Clear your schedule for an afternoon and grab your favorite cocktail, a comfy seat. I found Brandi to be loud, aggressive, with a mouth that would give any sailor or trucker a run for their money. But she’s also quite funny. Who knows how much was “scripted” or how much was just Brandi being Brandi. Either way I thought she was very entertaining. She’s not on the show anymore, apparently people loved to hate her but it sounds l 3.

She’s not on the show anymore, apparently people loved to hate her but it sounds like eventually the hate was quite a bit higher and she was cut from the show.

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Kim Richards tried to help out her friend by making suggestions about launching a dog search. Playboy Enterprises All rights reserved. It makes me sad to see them all go after Yolanda when I know shes going through so much. All videos are hosted by 3rd party websites.. Im not going out like I did almost every night on Housewives, you know, were having dinner parties seven nights a week and drinking every night.

Ive definitely cut out a lot of the fast food.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star promises to continue with the raunchy, straightforward, outspoken approach that made her first book such a success. Yes, Brandi and so are drunken tabloid photos. Brandi gives a ton of anecdotes and continues with her theme of interweaving hashtags throughout the text as if twitter truly is writing this book. A snippet of the introduction and the first chapter are below! The answer was simple: Apparently she thinks we do!

I never seemed to have a problem getting f—ked — good or bad. I’ve been separated and then divorced for almost as long as I was married… ” Brandi then informs us of the three permanent reminders from her marriage — her two boys and HPV. Brandi goes on to embrace all of her embarrassing moments! No more ex-husbands to blame, no more horrible friends to make me feel bad, and no more seventeen-year-old vagina See chapter 4 where I discuss one of the gorgeously well-endowed men I dated.

And now onto Chapter 1: I referred to the gates that enclosed our beautiful community as my own personal Truman Show including the fake husband or, if you prefer Groundhog Day. Either way, I quickly became my own version of a Stepford wife. And can we just talk about the holy Photoshop on that book cover?!

Real Housewife Brandi Glanville Discusses New Years, Kids & Show